My project steps

  • On the website
If there is a topic you do not understand, here is the FAQ.

  • With an advisor 
If you want to simulate your project and study the framework of this experience abroad, call us!
  • Which package?
  • Departure date?
  • Which destination(s)?
  • Your company, your job, your employment contract, your salary ?
I inquire
  • I submit my project to my manager/director
Once your project has been defined and your decision is taken, you can talk to your manager/director to get his approval. At this stage, a member of the Holiteam will provide you with the necessary support to present your project and involve your employer. 
To formalize the request, send a letter; we can provide you the framework.

  • Holiworking answers your HR/Manager questions.
Your HR or manager may want to know us better and to go into more detail at this stage. We can plan a conference call to introduce ourselves, shed light on what may not be clear, and answer any questions.

  • You get an agreement-in-principle from your company

When to tell my employer
  • Your boarding

At this stage, we ask you to ratify your contract with Holiworking France so that we are sure of your commitment and motivation to go and work abroad. Everything is done online by digital signature.

  • Getting your company on board to become the Holicompany

The commitment of your company as a Holicompany is to be formalized! The amendment to your employment contract must be validated, as well as the contract between Holiworking and your company. Everything is done online by digital signature.

I get on board with Holiworking
  • I prepare my departure with the Holiteam support
  • Obtaining VISA 
  • Insurance underwriting
  • Search for accommodation in the host country 
  • Finding school to welcome your kids for families
  • Opening a bank account abroad 
  • Possible vaccines 
  • Local administrative processing 
  • I attend the Kick-off party to meet the other Holiworkers.
Getting ready for my departure
  • Ckeck-up

The Holiteam makes sure that everything is in order before you leave.

The Holicompanion app (currently under development) will help us communicate and not forget anything. 

All you have to do is to pack your suitcase and jump on the plane.

  • And GO !

On arrival in the host country, your Holicoach will be at the airport.

See you at the airport

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